Below you’ll find answers to our frequently asked volunteer questions!

Q: I don’t know yet if I can make a shift- should I sign up to save my spot?
A: We HEAVILY rely on volunteer support at our events- please only sign up if you know you’ll be able to make it.

Q: What time is my shift?
A: You can find your exact shift time on your confirmation email, as well as on the reminder email you’re sent before the event. All shift end times are approximate, and oftentimes you’ll be released prior to that time.

Q: I get a free race entry with my volunteer shift- how do I register?
A: You don’t have to! You’ll receive your race bib either before or after you volunteer, depending on your shift.

Q: Did I sign my waiver already?
A: If you signed yourself up- then yes! If someone else signed you up- nope! It can also be signed by inputting your email address HERE, clicking through the link in the email you receive, choosing Update Information next to your shift, and then signing the disclaimer. For a minor, simply input the email address you signed them up with. Alternatively, you can sign the waiver when you check in at the event.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Whatever you’re comfortable in! Please dress weather-appropriately and in closed-toed shoes. We’ll give you volunteer tshirt, which must be worn.

Q: I do not have a babysitter- can I bring my young child with me to volunteer?
A: Unfortunately, our volunteers must be on their toes for the entirely of the shift, therefore you will not be permitted to volunteer with a child younger than 10 years old.

Q: Am I raising money for my charity?
A: We only give donations to charities that have signed up with us. Once signed up, every volunteer from that group is given a password. Simply enter that password, and select your charities shift. Sign up for the wrong shift? Just let us know!

Q: Will I get a free lunch during my shift?
A: No, but we offer plenty of snacks and water. You’re always welcome to bring your own snacks as well.


Have another question? We’ll reach out with an event info email the week before the event, but if you have an immediate question please EMAIL US!